6 Tips to Help Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

January 16, 2019

A fresh new year is here, bringing with it the opportunity for new beginnings. It’s a great time to commit to making changes that improve your life. Whether it’s by losing weight, increasing your physical activity, or living more mindfully.

While it’s easy to think of ways to improve, it’s much harder to implement these great new ideas. Here are some tips to keep you motivated and focused through 2019.

First, make a plan. Your plan should include one long-term goal and several short-term goals that will help you reach your long-term goal. Your goals should be as specific as possible, measurable, and realistic. For Example, if your goal is to lose weight then your plan might include a short-term goal of working out 2-3 times a week at a specific time. While your long-term plan might be to use these workouts as training to prepare to participate in sport or event.

Get support. There’s nothing better than having like-minded people around you to cheer you on as you work toward your goal. Say you decide to start a meditation practice in 2019. Find a group that meets regularly to meditate. Having support will keep you motivated on those days when you’re tempted to give up. Having someone to share your struggles and successes with, makes your journey that much easier and less intimidating.

Reward yourself! If you’re making progress toward your goals, give yourself a pat on the back. When you reach those short-term goals give yourself a self-care treat. Maybe it’s a massage or maybe it’s freeing up an hour from a hectic schedule to spend on your favourite hobby.  You deserve it–and it will keep you motivated.

Get rid of your inner-critic. No mental bullying, please. It won’t help you reach your goals and in fact, could sabotage your chances for success. If you’re trying something new like running or spinning, don’t give yourself a hard time if you can’t go as hard or as fast as others. You are trying something new and that isn’t easy for anyone.  Remember you deserve self-compassion too!

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Don’t go to extremes. Watch out for “all or nothing thinking”. An example would be to categorize your efforts into terms of either success or failure. You are in this for the long haul, so if you fail to meet a short-term goal – don’t give up.  Stick to your plan and remind yourself of all of the positive things that you’ve accomplished so far.

Ask yourself, “What needs to change in my life to reach my goal?” If you want to save money each week you might have to go out less, so you might need to spend more time with friends who are on the same wavelength. If you want to eat more healthily, you’ll need to get your family or a friend on board to make sure junk food stays hidden away (or better yet, out of your home!)

Regardless of your Resolutions…. Setbacks are to be expected.  These are also one of the most common reasons why people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions. If you suddenly relapse into a bad habit, don’t fall back into “all or nothing thinking” and view it as a failure.

The path toward your goals will not be a straight one as there will always be bumps along the way. Instead, view your setbacks as a learning opportunity and try to identify what might have triggered it. By understanding the challenges you face, you will be better prepared to deal with them in the future.

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