3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Kombucha Label

Designing a kombucha label? We’ve used our award-winning label for Iggy’s kombucha as an example of the 3 most essential things to consider.

The last few years have been big ones for the beverage industry, especially for those who produce kombucha. Valued at USD 1.84 billion in 2019, it’s now projected to grow to USD 10.45 billion by 2027.

If you’re breaking into this industry, you understand why the forecast is so sunny: this sweet, fermented beverage is delightful and packed with health benefits. Indeed, kombucha is an easy sell, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to sell it well. That’s where designing an effective and attractive label comes in.

These are the three key factors to consider when you’re designing a kombucha label to push you ahead of the crowd. To illustrate all three, we’ll unpack the thinking behind the design of our Packaging Excellence Award-winning label for the Washington-based kombucha company, Iggy’s.

iggy's kombucha label display outdoors
Kombucha Label: 3 Things to Consider When Designing – Iggy’s Kombucha

Target Demographic

This, of course, will come as no shock: your most important consideration is your target demographic. Age, income, gender, values, aspirations…the more you know about who will be consuming your beverage, the better. If you are especially attuned to the nuances of your demographic, you’ll send the signals they need to see to pick up your bottle and not your competitor’s.

Iggy’s is an especially high-end product, so the label reflects that. Cultivated from a 100% honey-fed Jun culture for 6 weeks rather than the standard 7 to 30 days, it’s a product that defines quality for its category. As a result, the folks who are more likely to appreciate it have somewhat deep pockets and an even deeper appreciation of concepts like artisanal tradition. That’s why the Iggy’s label, with its rich illustrations and gold embossing, is designed to evoke Old World values with a luxurious twist.

Product Qualities

The label is your opportunity to show the customer exactly what they’re about to experience. Getting clear on the specifics of the product and finding ways to visually represent that is key. For example, if your kombucha is flavoured with a particular kind of fruit, is that suggested in the design? Of course, when it comes to kombucha, its health benefits are core to its value proposition. So, how can your label share these benefits in a compelling way without creating too much visual clutter?

kombucha label iggy's honeybrew
Kombucha Label: 3 Things to Consider When Designing – Iggy’s Kombucha

The Iggy’s labels maintain a consistent design—same illustration, same fonts, same layout—but use colours to signify different flavours. For example, the “Hawthorne Rose” is pink, while the “Lavender Thyme” is purple. And at the top of every label, the kombucha’s differentiating benefits are announced with the words: “Raw probiotic, made with 100% honey.”

Bottle Shape

Last, but certainly not least, you should consider how the shape of your bottle impacts design. The more intentionally these elements work together, the greater your overall visual impact. Also, think about the transparency of the bottle and how that might present legibility problems. Don’t choose a clear label with fonts or graphics that won’t show up against the product colour.

Iggy’s uses an elegant, somewhat slender, tapered bottle. The label’s diamond shape emphasizes the lines of the bottle, making it appear even taller. The product seal sticker on the cap is colour matched to the label, dropping towards it, and supporting the feeling of “flow” in the design.

Kombucha is a dynamic and valuable industry, filled with truly gifted people like our friends at Iggy’s. If you’re hoping to become a successful part of it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to talk about all things “label”. We love to help creative people succeed!

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