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Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging

It’s that time again…time for another round up of our favourite innovative packages! This time we wanted to take a look at innovations in pharmaceutical packaging. Great packaging plays an important role in the overall pharmaceutical products life cycle, from health regulation compliance, to distribution and ultimately, consumer preference. We found a few examples of … Continued


GLBC Knowledge Series | Labels: Personalized

We are back this week with the next instalment in the GLBC Knowledge Series on labels. You’ve considered the requirements of the label you have in mind and the purpose it will serve. What happens next? This is where the manufacturer takes over and things get technical, although knowing a little bit about this process … Continued


GLBC Knowledge Series | Labels: Concept Design

We are excited to share the first post in the GLBC Knowledge Series on labels. Let’s get things started and jump right in… The presentation of a label in the marketing sense is a powerful sales tool that either attracts or repels a potential customer. But a label may also be a necessary, regulatory measure … Continued


Introducing the GLBC Knowledge Series

Since Great Little Box Company was founded in the 80s, our team has been focused on leading the way in the packaging industry. What started with boxes has diversified to offer our customers a full packaging solution from boxes to mailers, from foam to labels and everything in between. GLBC customers rank our expertise as … Continued

Special Occasions

Recycling Christmas Packaging

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas! Now that all the fun is over, I’m sure your home is left with lots of wrapping paper, packing peanuts, boxes and plastic that you don’t know what to do with. Since we are committed to sustainability, we wanted to provide some tips on recycling Christmas … Continued

Packaging and Design

Food Packaging: Innovation For Efficiency

Last week, we did a round up of a few innovative packages in the beverage industry. This week we want to explore the innovations coming out of the food packaging industry and provide some tips to keep in mind when thinking of how to go about designing your packaging. Great food packaging draws in the … Continued

Labels, Packaging and Design

Innovative Packaging in the Beverage Industry

Packaging is an essential part of marketing your product, especially when launching a new product, because first impressions matter most. Packaging for the beverage industry is ever changing and competitive, forcing companies to come up with innovative packaging designs to give their product the most shelf appeal. Everybody loves something new – an innovative package … Continued

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