The Best of Patio Wine Labels

Nearing the end of summer, we wanted to savour every last second by featuring of our favourite patio wine labels. Why are wine labels important? They are a key part to the packaging process. The perfect wine label can help consumers identify with a brand more readily, peak a consumer’s attention on the shelf, and … Continued

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Noise Free Packaging for Movie Theatre Snacks?!

Chatting, laughing, texting, loud crunching, and package fiddling – anything goes at the movie theatre BEFORE the movie, but rule number three of  movie theatre etiquette is buy your snacks before hand, open them and make the least noise possible. BUT there is always that one person that has to sit right behind you eating … Continued

Packaging and Design

BOOM: Fireworks and Packaging

Did you see the magical fireworks display this past weekend at the Honda Celebration of Light? Fireworks are a sure sign that summer is here and we couldn’t be more excited to the sunshine filled days. Our packaging minds were racing on Saturday. So in advance of tomorrow night’s fireworks, we thought we would do … Continued

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Packaging Meme Monday

We hope you had a great weekend! To spice up your Monday, we thought you could use a little packaging Meme Monday – where we bring you the best of the internet’s packaging memes! Enjoy… Do you have a favourite packaging meme? Tweet us or post them on our Facebook wall!

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Top 3 Beer Packaging Trends

As the final games of the 2014 World Cup kick off, we thought we would highlight one of the most unique aspects of packaging involving sports. That is, beer labels & packaging! Now, have you ever really thought about how beer is packaged? Beer packaging design options are limitless. At GLBC, our World Cup fever … Continued

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Five Packing Tips for your Vacation

The summer weather calls for a lot more vacationing. How often have you found that you over pack for your trip or under pack? Here are five tips to help you be the best packer for your next vacation: 1. Research your destination and make note of the season you are travelling to. If you … Continued

Packaging and Design

Case Study: Fulfillment Project for Skull Candy

Great Little Box has the pleasure of working with many local, global and international brands. As a full-service, one source supplier for a business’ packaging solutions, Great Little Box offers a wide range of services to fit each customer’s needs. Recently, Great Little Box had the pleasure of working with Skull Candy on a fulfillment … Continued

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Welcome to Packaging Memes Monday

Packaging, cats and comedy all mixed together could only mean one thing… Welcome to GLBC’s Packaging Memes Monday! Each month, we’ll bring you the best of the internet’s packaging memes! We encourage you to tweet us or post on our facebook your favourite packaging memes as well. Enjoy…

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