Pharmaceutical Packaging: The Life of a Medicine Bottle

aAt Great Little Box we believe all forms of packaging serve an important purpose. Pharmaceutical packaging is especially important in order to keep the contents free from contamination, ensure intended shelf life and safe use of the product. Do you ever wonder where a product has been before it ends up in your home? Where … Continued

A New Arrival

Unfortunately, not of the Royal baby variety, although at GLBC this new arrival was met with a celebratory fanfare worthy of a royal reception. As for our baby’s name, we don’t think this will be on Kate and Will’s list of potentials. So without further ado the paperboard team at GLBC is excited to uncrate … Continued

What does your coffee say about you?

According to this light-hearted infographic, your coffee choice could be very telling. For us at Great Little Box, it’s the packaging that reveals the most. Coffee is a billion dollar multi-national industry that has evolved to appeal to current trends and the mass consumer. With so much competition ensuring your brand is relevant and uses … Continued

Intergenerational collaboration in the work place

At Great Little Box Company, we’ve noticed that some of the most successful working relationships are world’s apart – generational worlds apart that is.  Inspired by the XYBoom conference that we spoke at recently, our team thought about a GLBC example where different generations are collaborating successfully. Take for example, Lynda (baby boomer) and Jen … Continued

Packaging Approved by 007

From luxury super cars to a pen that fires a rocket, 007 has the gadgets of young boys dreams (okay and maybe some of us adults too). At Great Little Box we can’t help but dream up the sophisticated packaging design that would house these gadgets. Our dreams became a reality when high-tech encrypted phone … Continued

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