Spotlight: GLBC Craft Brewers Guild

November 8, 2017

It has been an exciting fall at Great Little Box Company. One of the highlights was becoming a proud Associate Member of the BC Craft Brewers Guild. As the craft brewery industry continues to grow in British Columbia, we have enjoyed working alongside some great breweries, developing their packaging and creating unique, memorable labels.

The BC Craft Brewers Guild represents craft brewers from all over BC. Through this exciting partnership, GLBC will get the opportunity to bring our award-winning services to even more breweries across the province, helping customers stand out on the shelves and at their next party.


GLBC Services- Labels

One of the best parts of working with local breweries is getting the chance to design some unique labels! We know that a good label can play an important role in helping to sell a product in-store. Our design team at GLBC works hard to ensure that we are creating beautiful, interesting, and bold labels for our customers. Through our state-of-the-art equipment and expert team, we have and will continue to produce labels that can come in all sizes, shapes, designs, and finishes.

As part of the 2017 BC Beer Awards, GLBC was asked to present two prizes within the Creative Industry Awards, the first being Best Label Design. Can you say inspiration!?

Best Bottle Label Design- Steamworks Brewery Co. (Barrel-Aged Series Imperial Stout)


GLBC Services- Packaging

You’ve created a delicious beer, designed a bold label, now it is time assemble it all into packaging that is really going to stand out on the shelf. Creative packaging design enhances the image and value of the product; all while ensuring your beer makes it safely from the store to your home.

Our team can create and produce packaging that complements both the product and brand, giving buyers a truly unique experience. Our corrugated boxes can be created in more than 100 sizes, styles, and shapes, ensuring all needs are met.

At the October 21st award show, GLBC members were asked to present the BC Beer Award for Best Packaging- Boxes and Carriers. We got a pleasant surprise in awarding our own customer, Doan’s Craft Brewing, the top honour for Happy Pack.


GLBC is committed to the ongoing success of the Guild, its members, and the BC craft beer movement. We are excited to work with some of the best in BC- and even sneak a sip or two of beer!