November Product of the Month

November 28, 2017

For our November Product of the Month winner, we decided to push the limits with NEON! Our winner this month was a new company called Health Kandy, for their product, Skinphoria.

This client was looking for a high-end package to really stand out on the crowded beauty shelves in the US market. With the artwork already complete, Health Kandy was ready to bring their vision to life. The challenge was getting the NEON pink overlay to sit on top of the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta Yellow, and Key) to make it look like a NEON pink power cloud.

Our team at GLBC tried a few different options. We discovered we had to knock out some of the CMYK in order to make the NEON colour really pop and bring the client’s vision to life. We were able to do this both on the labels and folding carton in-house. We also assured the client that GLBC would be better suited to colour match the labels to her cartons in-house, than getting the labels across the border as Health Kandy had initially intended.

Overall, Health Kandy was absolutely thrilled with the finished product! GLBC was also able to apply a soft touch coating and foil stamp to really give a “wow” effect. GLBC is now working hard to make sales so GLBC can run a larger order!