Holiday Packaging: The Phillips Snowcase Calendar

December 5, 2017

It might be one of our favourite advent calendars ever- do we dare say it is better than chocolate!?

For the 2017 holiday season, our talented GLBC team members created the packaging for the Phillips Snowcase Calendar. This unique advent calendar features 24 different beers to help countdown to Christmas. Many of the beers have been specially created just for the Snowcase Calendar.

With the official arrival of December, members of the GLBC team decided to purchase the Snowcase. While we love the packaging our colleagues created, it also wasn’t a bad assignment to taste the Phillips beer inside. Here is a look at the first few days of the Phillips Snowcase Calendar!

December 1st– Anxiety Ale

The brewmasters at Phillips get that sometimes the holiday’s can be stressful. Day one of the calendar started off with Anxiety Ale- a beer with a rich Belgian flavour that pours deep red thanks to the addition of beets. Hints of banana and fruit esters can be tasted throughout. This creation was specially brewed for the Snowcase Pack.

December 2nd– Trainwreck

This beer was first born back in 2010. Trainwreck is aged with a younger oak and features tones of caramel and vanilla. Subtly sweet and velvet smooth, Trainwreck pours deep amber and is best enjoyed at a cellar temperature around 4C.

December 3rd– Accusation Ale

Our only accusation here is this is one great beer! Originally released in 2009, Accusation Ale is hoppy with a medium malt body. Aromas of pine and citrus balances out the bitterness in this golden amber beer. Like many of the Snowcase creations, this beer was brewed exclusively for the calendar pack.

December 4th– Phillips Pilsner

A true classic, the Phillips Pilsner is available all year round. Clean and crisp, this Pilsner is brewed on-site to be smooth and drinkable. Originally released in 2016, the Pilsner is made of malted barley, with a doughy malt and subtle blends of hops. It is a signature brew at Phillips and a classic addition to the Snowcase.

Our GLBC tasting team has spoken- their favourite so far is December 1st, Anxiety Ale.


“It is a unique beer and the beets make it a beautiful cherry red and it’s definitely a surprising start to the season!” – GLBC Tasting Team