GLBC’s Packaging Guide- Step 5: Expanding your horizons

August 2, 2017

At Great Little Box Company, we are committed to offering our customers the highest quality product. To help make that process easier for you, we recently re-designed and re-launched our website. Our new look is fresh, clean, and designed to work better for you!

To help you navigate through the new site, we have prepared a 5-part blog series that will take you through the different stages in the purchase and packaging process.

You now know all the ins and outs of GLBC ordering and delivery! Did you know GLBC offers so much more than traditional packaging? Take a look into how our experts seamlessly integrate any brand into all of our packaging products. We even do labels and custom products too.


Flexible Packaging

  • GLBC’s diverse manufacturing and advanced equipment produces a wide variety of custom flexible packaging styles and forms.
  • We can produce flexible packaging in any quantity or size you need.
  • Twist film, flow wrap, printed film for vertical and horizontal form fillers, inline bar wraps, tea bags or specialty chocolate wraps are amongst the flexible packaging possibilities to package and market your product.
  • Not to mention we have eight colour printing options, an in-house graphic team, and on-site plate making. It’s a one stop shop at GLBC.
  • Our capabilities are as flexible as our packaging!



Protective Packaging

  • GLBC’s protective packaging looks like 20 years of experience combined with a variety of specialized materials.
  • We have a variety of cushion packaging types such as: protective foam packaging, paper-based honeycomb packaging and corrugated fibre-board packaging.
  • We provide you with innovative packaging designs and award-winning protective packaging for the best value. It looks and performs great!
  • With the help of The Lion, our foam compactor by Heger Recycling, bulky foam waste is compressed into easy-to-manage foam blocks. As a result, transport, disposal, and waste reduction costs are significantly reduced keeping 100% of foam scrap from the landfill.



  • Here at GLBC, we have a wide range of labels for all types of products.
  • With our custom label manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, creating a full range of order sizes and styles for your custom label design is easy.
  • You choose the shape, size, design, stock, and finish and we will create it.
  • Whether it’s food and beverage labels, or custom clothing, pharmacy, and shipping labels, we have what it takes to fully complete the desired look of your product.
  • From basic to complex, and small to large line, our industry standard pressure-sensitive label stock can be machine or hand applied in any quantity.
  • Our Corrugated Division can create a flat to match your labels for the best-looking display possible.
  • Our label designs will ultimately help you sell more of your products!


Custom Products 

  • At GLBC, we are committed to creating custom product packaging that perfectly fits your brand, so you can compete for shelf space and capture the eye of your target audience.
  • We produce the highest quality custom-made labels and stickers with our in-house, top-of-the-line custom label printing press.
  • Our custom packaging labels and stickers are used for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, shipping industries, and many more. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and stock as well.
  • We have a packaging solution for any of your custom products!