GLBC’s Packaging Guide- Step 4: Keeping Your Products Coming

July 26, 2017

At Great Little Box Company, we are committed to offering our customers the highest quality product. To help make that process easier for you, we recently re-designed and re-launched our website. Our new look is fresh, clean, and designed to work better for you!

To help you navigate through the new site, we have prepared a 5-part blog series that will take you through the different stages in the purchase and packaging process.

Now that you have your quote and your order is placed, you will need some information about our partial shipment options and delivery services. We offer Store-and-Release Fulfillment services, Just-in-Time delivery, and Auto-Replenishment to ensure you can manage your inventory efficiently and effectively.


Store-and-Release Fulfillment

  • Store-and-release fulfillment allows you to order a large amount of product and have partial shipment over a 60-day period.
  • You place the order and we store the product until you are ready to use it.
  • Each partial shipment is paid for separately. Individual invoices are sent out as well.
  • If your storefront or warehouse has limited space and you deal a lot of with cash flow, this is a perfect option for you.
  • Store-and-release fulfillment gives you better prices, storage benefits, immediate delivery, and cash flow assistance.
  • It is the overall balanced inventory program.


Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

  • GLBC’s just-in-time delivery system allows you to choose your delivery schedule for packaging shipments so you can use your warehouse space the most effective way possible.
  • Our in-house fleet delivery team drives your packages right to your door on the exact day you have requested.



  • Auto-replenishment automatically reorders your inventory product when your supply is running low. You don’t even need to re-submit your order!
  • This “never-ending-inventory” option is a hassle-free way to ensure you never run out of stock.


Inventory Management Benefits

  • Discounts due to volume purchase
  • Cash flow spread out over 60 days
  • Warehouse space savings
  • Zero lead time/just-in-time delivery
  • Less inventory product planning and organizing