Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers: Behind the Awards

May 11, 2018

What does it take to be named one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers award winners? With amazing companies all across Canada competing for this honour, it is important to stand out in the crowd. At GLBC, we believe it is crucial to recruit and retain top talent, offer competitive benefits and salaries, all while fostering a unique company culture to inspire amazing work. Great Little Box Company is thrilled not only to be included on the 2018 list but to also be profiled by the Globe and Mail.

“Great Little Box Company is literally about family. Founder and owner Robert Meggy and his wife Margaret built the company, son-in-law Brad Tindall is President and his wife Christine and Bob’s brother Alan are also involved.”

– The Globe and Mail

Canada’s small and medium business sector makes up over half of the country’s domestic product and has created 95% of new jobs in the last decade. Small and medium employers are the backbone of Canada, making it all the more important to celebrate their successes and forward-thinking initiatives. Now in its 5th year, Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers Award recognizes companies that create phenomenal workplaces for their employees and uphold human resource policies that reflect a true work/life balance.

The competition asks companies to do a deep dive into their company culture and policies. What does your office look like? What sort of social events help to foster a great culture? What sort of health or financial benefits are offered to employees? How does your company communicate with each other? How do you retain top talent and encourage growth? Are you volunteering? If so, who with and why?

While it is understood that not every company can check all the boxes, the competition really looks to the Canadian workforce to lead by example and demonstrate new and innovative ways to develop company’s employee’s desire to work for.

At Great Little Box, we value our employees above all else and want to create a work environment that doesn’t necessarily feel like work. We like to laugh, celebrate, share meals and support each other through thick and thin. We’re proud of the company we have built and proud of the culture we have fostered.

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