A One-Stop Shop: GLBC’s Packaging and Design

May 7, 2018

GLBC is unique in that both prepress and structural services are offered under one roof, or as some might say, in one Great Little Box.

Happy National Packaging Design day! To celebrate we’re featuring both of our packaging design departments, Prepress and Structural, in our next blog series to give you an inside look into GLBC’s innovative packaging and design processes.

The award-winning Prepress and Structural departments at GLBC are each independent entities, but the two work together under the umbrella of the Innovative Solutions Team. The Prepress department focuses on the print that will be put on the package or label, whereas the design of the package itself is created in the Structural Department.

Packaging is often the last thing that brands think about, but it’s the first thing a customer see’s. Making your packaging or labeling stand out on the shelf in our number one priority. Having these two departments in one location makes it that much easier to match colours, make adjustments, and work cohesively to create beautiful designs. The Innovative Solutions Team is comprised of industry experts who are extremely creative and skilled in their field, and more than willing to support the creative process.

And innovative, we are! Our Innovation Solutions Team uses an interactive 3D animation software to preview a design. The software allows customers to get a 360-degree view of their package with graphics before it is physically created. The 3D animation simplifies complicated designs and allows for a clear vision of the customer’s package.

Stay tuned to learn more about the one-stop packaging and design shop at GLBC!